NOTE: All sessions will take place through Blackboard Collaborate. We will provide the necessary links and user information during the welcome address.

Retooling communication: Using Slack to collaborate on interdepartmental projects

As schools grow larger, and interdepartmental projects start to gain traction, schools are finding new tools for promoting dialogue and collaboration across disciplines. In this session, will discuss Slack, an online web-based technology that allows people to work together on projects without being in the same room (or even the same city). Slack is particularly useful because it provides access to numerous collaboration tools, like chat rooms, video, drawing boards, productivity software, and reference libraries.

Once we’ve finished this session, you should be able to sign up for Slack, build your own team, and design projects all within the Slack interface.

From quantity to quality: A primer on data visualization

In this session, we will discuss recent projects that have involved collaboration between scientists, statisticians, humanists, and artists, with the primary goal being a deep dive into the visualization trends they employed. We will look at different principles of design, software which allows for quick and easy visualization, and diverse modes of visual analysis.

Destabilizing STEM: Identifying key fields for interscholastic collaboration

In this final session, we consider the fields typically associated with the “two schools”. As we work through the various modes of research in the sciences and the humanities, we will determine new areas where departments can collaborate.